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Dear Students,

A student asked one of the most genuinely inspirational personalities a question, “Sir how did you become so great?” This student herself wanted to become a singerinfact. The answer from this great personality was, “you must have a dream, must continuously acquire knowledge, must work hard, must persevere in your work upon achieve your dream, and you should not be afraid of problems” . He was none otherthan Dr. Abdul Kalam, the former President of India.

Here, I am bound to say,“Everyone is talented at least in one field, if not in many fields”.Focus on the ones that you are most emotionally attached to.It’s very common that one might encounter difficulties, hindrances ,conflicts, discouragements etc. These negative agents can be easily overthrown, if one strongly believes in the power of perseverance.

It’s known to many who have gone through the biography of “Padma Bhushan Dr.RM. Alagappa Chettiar THE SOCIALIST CAPITALIST, A CHETTINAD GEM AND A VISIONARY ” who pioneered in many fields that hard work was what led him to an incredible point of success. There is no denying that everyone wants to be a winner .But a child at school must be made aware of the importance of focus and hard work. Therefore, students at school must be empowered to continuously acquire skills as skills enablethemto manage hard times easily. A sense of responsibility and concern is essential for a student throughout his/her schooling.Children must accept responsibilities at school as well as at home in a healthy fashion.

At Dr. Alagappa Academy we have created a stress free platform for our students where they can excel in extracurricular activities, in addition to the top curriculum framework, inspiring them to outshine many other studentsin a global context. Children’s minds are so impressionable that they certainly adapt to their environmental set ups.

At Dr.Alagappa Academy, Karaikudi, every teacher has been well trained that they can empower our students to grow as optimistic individuals with strong discerning minds with an international perspective. Our educational programmes are focused and advanced that every programme encourages students to develop their critical thinking and to learn through enquiry and reason, to exchange thoughts and ideas to strengthen their key personal skills and social values to take ownership for their intended choices and to set goals to realize their latent, unfathomable potentials.

It is with the burning desire mixed with a sense of deep responsibility that our teachers teach our students with high degree of technical and communication skills so that our students can get far ahead of their peers of many other schools.

Students learning at Dr.Alagappa Academy are guided through diverse mechanisms facilitating them to seek ways to achieve victories with dynamisms and strategies. Active educational technologies like problem based learning and inquiry based learning are actively incorporated along with Technology and Physical Education as they are absolutely student centred, ideally involving real-world scenarios in which students are actively engaged in critical thinking activities. Both teachers and students employ technology in teaching-learning processes, furthering themselves to have an easy-to- access course materials, wide participation and to obtain instant feedback. Thus, every teacher in Dr. Alagappa Academy is admirably skillful to use the advanced computer technologies using which they are able to demonstrate new lessons with much ease. Video conferencing is one among the modern computer technologies that our teachers are quite familiar with and use in their day to day teaching in every classroom.

At this juncture, I should make a special mention here that in Dr. Alagappa Academy, our teachers, students and parents work in unison as an unshakable team, where both teachers and parents play an important role to identify a child’s skills and interests in their very early stages in order to provide them apt guidance and assistance in realizing their dreams.

Wishing the teachers , students and parents all the best in their journey to success.


Our Campus Infra